Return to Activity

Return to work, general activity and sporting activities varies from case to case, but you should expect to be restricted or limited to some extent for the first six weeks to three months after surgery. This is however, dependent on the type of surgery and your general health and fitness.

You will be expected to perform the exercises shown to you by the physiotherapist on a daily basis, and to gradually increase your walking distance and general fitness.

In the case of a spinal fusion, bending, lifting and twisting activities should be avoided. Once bony healing is seen to be progressing satisfactorily you will be advised when it is safe to reintroduce certain activities.

It may be appropriate tor you to be reviewed by the physiotherapist at that stage to assist in the rehabilitation process.

It should however be remembered that for bigger operations such as a spinal fusion or the correction of a spinal deformity that recovery and rehabilitation may not be complete for a period of up to twelve months.

Car travel should be kept to a minimum in the first few weeks and driving in the car should be avoided in the first ten days or so. In the case of spinal fusion, you should refrain from driving in the first four to six weeks.